Officers and Board of Directors

The Annual Meeting of the Rancho Bernardo Historical Society was held on Monday, October 10, 2022. A new board of directors was elected for the 2022-2023 term of office. Officers were also appointed at this meeting. The individuals listed below will serve the society for their current terms. To connect with our Officers and Board Members please use our Contact Us page



Liz Mullarkey РPresident
Nancy Canfield – Vice President
Jeanne MacLaren – Treasurer
Raenell Hooten – Secretary

Board of Directors*

Nancy Canfield (10/06)
Kathy Clark (11/23)
Sally Edwards (10/08)
Jane Harmon (10/06)
Skip Himelstein (10/23)
Raenell Hooten (10/11)
Jeanne MacLaren (10/18)
Liz Mullarkey (06/21)
John Spencer (04/21)

*All Officers are Board Members